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Waikato Timebank

Time Banking is based on the idea that everyone in a community can offer value, but also that anyone can ask for support. TimeBank members volunteer their time, knowing that other people will volunteer for them later on. It’s an incredible way to meet people, share resources, and enhance our collective quality of life one hour at a time. 

In the TimeBank everyone’s time is worth the same amount and anyone can join Waikato TimeBank, people – families, clubs, community groups and even businesses are all welcome to join.

The Waikato TimeBank is a community where you trade in time credits. Help someone out in their garden, host an adventure for the Kirikiriroa Explorers, or choose another request for an hour and receive one hour’s credit. You can then spend those credits by posting requests of your own – do you want to borrow a power drill? Do you need someone to help you have a spring clean? Or take up a member’s offer of their skills – maybe they’re fluent in a second language or can show you how to make bread!

To join or learn more, please check out waikato.timebanks.org, or talk to the Waikato TimeBank stand at the monthly Fair Share market.



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