A photograph of a bunch of spades and a fork lying in long grass

Te Puna Kai o Waikato

Te Puna Kai o Waikato is a network of kai projects with a shared vision of nourished communities connected to each other and Papatūānuku. The name Te Puna Kai o Waikato was gifted by Tuahana Clark, reminding us that the Waikato region once was a rich and thriving producer of food. 

Local food knowledge is fundamental to food sovereignty and autonomy – supporting knowledge for improving soil health, water health and growing local food resilience. Locally produced food is part of climate adaptation and reducing the carbon footprint of food.

We have developed and coordinate a regional food growing network that includes community gardens, school gardens, maara kai and small growers. Support is delivered through both field-based and classroom workshops, volunteers, umbrella funding for tools and resources and hands-on skill development.

To have a browse of the different projects operating within Te Puna Kai, please have a look at map below:





Michael Heiler