Flipping Timmy Possum Trap


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The Flipping Timmy is the traditional possum trap redesigned for effectiveness, ease of operation and safety.  Reengineered and optimised, the Flipping Timmy possum trap has been independently tested and passed the NAWAC humane trap testing guidelines. The ergonomic vertical set provides enhanced operation with no bending over required, the catch area remains clean even if left uncleared for some time.  All metal components are stainless and will not rust.  The unique red fine setting component can be slid to sit in line with the bait bar to increase the sensitivity of the trap.

Requiring no toxins, it is the perfect tool for farms, bush fringes and for guarding orchards from intruders.

Trapping is no longer an arduous task – the unit can be cleared, rebaited and re-set in seconds.

  • Flexible baiting system
  • Unique fine set option for increased trap sensitivity
  • Optimisation of a proven mechanical system.
  • Maintenance free – trap retains strength & performs 100% its entire service life
  • Maximum durability – top quality components – stainless steel, uv stabilized polymers. Parts recyclable at end of product life.
  • Engineered for a 10+ year service life, provided with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee
  • 100% designed, manufactured & assembled in New Zealand


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