Digital Thermo Hygrometer

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This temperature and humidity meter will help you manage humidity, minimise condensation and prevent mould growth.  Also drier air costs less to heat than damp air.   Ideally place one meter in each room or move them around to monitor humidity.  

1) Install AAA battery supplied

2) Place the meter in an open aired space Eg on a table or bench rather than securing it to a wall.

3) It will take approxitately 30 minutes for the meter to acclimatise for a more accurate temperature and humidity (%) reading.

The World Health Organisation specifies a minimum healthy room temperature of 18 deg C.  If anyone is sick, the healthy room temperature is 20 deg C.

The ideal humidity range inside is 40-60% (often difficult to achieve in the Winter).  60-70% is marginal but 70% and over is definitely a trigger point and requires an action to lower humidity where possible.  E.g. improve ventilation by opening windows or use a dehumidifier.  

Ventilation – letting in drier air from outside – is the main way of lowering humidity inside the house. The important thing is to swap all the moist air out of the house BEFORE you start heating, even if the air outside is cooler (but not very cold). Open ALL the windows around the house, then 15 minutes later close all windows and then start heating this dry air.  

Handy Hint: Place one meter in a dry and visible location outside, and then compare this outside reading to a meter on the inside – open windows when the outside humidity is lower.   E.g. Tape one to the outside of a window where it won’t get wet, facing inside.