Te Mahi Mara Hua Parakore: A Maori Food Sovereignty Handbook – Jessica Hutchings

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In Aotearoa it is our right as Indigenous peoples to eat from the lands and waterways of our tupuna (ancestors). This right is ours to claim and we restore our relationship to the natural environment by producing our own food.

Enhancing soil, plant and species biodiversity through food production is vital for the survival of our natural food systems. Growing food in ways that support and enhance an abundant diversity in plant varieties, weeds, insects and soil life is integral to Maori food sovereignty practices. Biodiversity in the food chain, our diets and the environment is essential for our survival as Indigenous peoples.

Poverty, coupled with increasing food costs, is a growing issue for many Maori communities, resulting in intergenerational health issues. Beginning to grow your own food, either as a whanau or a community, is a way to nurture hauora (wellbeing) at the same time as reconnecting us with the energies of Papatuanuku and Ranginui.

This website is dedicated to diverse practices of Maori food sovereignty and hauora (wellbeing), with a focus on the Maori Organics system, hua parakore. This site provides ideas, resources and information for rebuilding food secure and healthy futures for you and your whanau.